2017 has been a great year for music and entertainment in AAU and as the year is coming to a close I *HEEZY HOUDINI* would like to take thank and appreciate everybody that made it happen First I want to thank all the *artists* repping this great institution putting in work and putting out great music...You guys are the real MVP God bless y'all.

 I want to thank the *SUG* most especially the director of socials and the school management... for promoting entertainment this many good shows...we really appreciate you guys I want also want to thank the *AAU Artists association of Nigeria* for the fine work they're doing God bless you guys too.

 I'd like to specially thank our *BLOGGERS/ONLINE PUBLICISTS*...the role these guys have played cannot be over emphasized...They have and are the "connects" in the system...they have been instrumental to our songs/contents been heard all across school and the country at large,those guys have a wide reach and they are doing a wonderful job...God bless you all richly And lastly.

I'd like to thank the great students of this institution, our colleagues, our audience, our fans... without you guys we are just playing ourselves...God bless you all By the special Grace of God 2018 would be a better year I myself personally have alot in store for you guys Expect good music from your favorite producer *HEEZY HOUDINI* GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Heezy Houdini

Pictures of some of his works:

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